Centaur Cargo Bike Flightcase

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Ideal bike for all your business needs


Ideal bike for all your business needs

Whether you’re transporting small goods or large packages, there is always a suitable box available for you. For smaller packages, you can choose a box with a volume of 315 litres, made from flight case material.  Large packages can be transported on a two-wheeler with a composite box containing 350 litres.

Choice between flight case or composite box
Extra sturdy lock

Bike dimensions: 255 x 65 x 110 cm
Box dimensions: 315: 99 x 72 x 58 cm /
350: 103 x 74 x 63 cm
Box volume: 315 liter / 350 liter
Box material: Synthetic material with honeycomb structure
Maximum box load: 80 kg
Maximum saddle load: 100 kg
Front/rear brakes: Shimano Rollerbrake / Shimano Rollerbrake
Gears: Nexus 7
Front/rear wheel size: 20 / 26 inch
Lighting: Battery

Centaur Cargo Bike Midmotor

Gears: Nuvinci 330
Front/rear brakes: Discbrake / Discbrake
Motor: Yamaha
Power: 250 Watt
Battery power: 400 of 500 Watt-hours
Lighting: System


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